About Us:


Mock Trial at Colby is an entirely student-run organization dedicated to the practice of (fake) law and trial advocacy. We participate in numerous tournaments throughout the competition season, which runs from mid-August (when the first case is released) through January (when Regionals and Opening Round Championships occur). We're a young, small team operating out of Colby College in Waterville, Maine.

What is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is, at its core, a legal debate competition in which teams from different schools accross the nation face off against each other within the context of a closed-world case problem. Fact patterns vary year to year, but tend to alternate between civil and criminal cases; we've seen bribery, murder, parental negligence, and intentional shooting, among others. 

The goal sounds simple: present your side of the case more convincingly than your opponent presents theirs. However, the legal element of the competition adds layers of nuance and complexity to why and how arguments are made, as well as what strategies are followed. It's not Suits, but it's as close to real-life trial advocacy as you can get without actually being a lawyer (or having the misfortune to be involved in a lawsuit).

If you enjoy debating, Mock Trial might be for you.

If you enjoy acting, Mock Trial might be for you.

If you're interested in law school, or just law in general, Mock Trial might be for you.


For more information, get in touch with us, or for more information on college level Mock Trial, take a look at the AMTA website

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